Spruce Up Your Kids’ Room With This VTech Gift Basket (US & CAN)

VTech Gift Basket Giveaway

Can I just tell you that I am having so much fun being able to offer you all so many fabulous prizes during my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide?! Today’s feature is one that you can use to organize your office space, or even better; Gift this basket to one of your kids to spruce up their room from drab to fab with these fun tools. With school in full swing, I have come face-to-face with the battle of homework and organization. I find myself battling organization every school year, but this year I am determined to stay on top of it.

VTech has thought of some great items to make your kids’ room fabulous for those study times. This super fun VTech Gift Basket comes with the following items:

  • Storage bin
  • Blue lap desk work station
  • Blue dry erase picture frame
  • Blue headphones
  • Alarm clock and music player
  • Desktop magnetic board
  • Colorful wall shelf
  • VTech design phone in blue

The older my kids get, the more time they spend in their bedrooms. As a teenager and even pre-teen, I remember doing most of my homework in my bedroom. Why not give your teens and pre-teens a few tools to help them succeed, and perhaps enjoy their time doing it? The alarm clock/music player can serve multiple purposes – the alarm to teach one to be punctual, and the music to help loosen up study time a bit! I don’t think my kids are quite old enough for a telephone in their bedroom, but we’ll be there before we know it! I remember anxiously waiting for the day I could have my own phone! What do you think – are your kids old enough to have their own phone? I think it can be a wonderful thing when boundaries and rules are set.

One Clever Housewife reader will win the pictured VTech Gift Basket. This giveaway will end at 12:01am ET on 11/13. To enter, fill out the rafflecopter below. All entries will be verified. Giveaway open to US & Canada.
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I received a promotional item to assist my in my post. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. ellen says

    I personally don’t talk on the phone all that much when I do I like to talk to my brother and sister in law.

  2. Michele Vassily Lauer says

    It depends on my mood, sometimes i can talk for hours and other times i can’t wait to hang up.

  3. Deanne Stevens says

    I remember back when I enjoyed being on the phone all the time.
    Now, other than talking to my kids, I try to get off the phone asap. Wonder what happened ? :) lol

  4. ashlee walls says

    In todays tech world i txt more than anything else but one thing I look forward to every few days is speaking to my grandparents. They don’t understand them “new fangled” phones lol. Those talks mean more to me than speaking to most other people.

  5. Gina H. says

    I’m on the phone at work all day so I don’t usually like to be on it a lot when I get home. I prefer email.

  6. Lisa says

    This is a great giveaway…I love it…..this would be perfect fr my oldest daughter who is now a teenager….so i would love to win this for her……good luck everyone…

  7. says

    I do like to talk on the phone. Thankfully so, because I do a lot professionally and personally. I like to talk to my best friend because we act the fool and it’s always BIG fun.

  8. Maralea says

    After getting home from work, I’m not a big fan of talking on the phone..I Do more texting than talking!

  9. keisha says

    I hate the phone, sometimes I think I am the only person on earth who does not feel the need to answer a ringing phone!

  10. Sam says

    I like to call my best friend, but most of th etime I am on the horn with my kiddo’s doctors office, lol

  11. says

    I don’t like talking on the phone very much but when I do, it’s with my mother or a friend in need of comfort or who wants to share some big news!

  12. beth m says

    sometimes I like to talk on the phone and sometimes I avoid it, I guess it depends on who it is and my mood

  13. Annmarie W. says

    I prefer email, but my mother is definitely still a phone person…and not even cell phone! She likes that old fashioned hold-it-to-your-ear phone…and can talk for so long!

  14. Christine A, says

    Yes, we are a military family and talk all around the world. Plus with all the modern techno advances, it beats the cord land lines from the 70’s.

  15. Amanda K. says

    I don’t hate talking on it, but I don’t really like it. I normally like to talk to my friend from Michigan.

  16. mechele johnson says

    I am not much of a phone talker, however, my 16 year old daughter makes up for it and then some!

  17. says

    Oh I hate talking on the phone, but you should really see my TEXT message files. oh my goodness. I am a BIG cell phone user…but it’s ALL text. lol. My kids on the other hand. They want to call grandma all the time.

  18. Jeannette Laframboise says

    I have 2 grown sons that live 7 hours away so it is usually them I talk to on the phone. I also talk to friends & other family as well.

  19. chelesa sims says

    I dont mind talking on the phone from time to time.I usually talk to my husband or other family members and friends. I mostly like talking to my husband on the phone.

  20. debbie jackson says

    spend tons of time on the phone with friends and family
    pin as jacksondeb

    debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  21. Gina Brickell says

    I’m not much of a phone person unless it’s talking to my mother.. Typically I don’t have much to say, but I could spend an hour on the phone with my mom talking about nothing!

  22. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt says

    I hate talking on the phone BUT I’d rather talk then text because I can talk faster than I can text!

  23. karen b says

    I used to like to talk on the phone, but my job has me on the phone alot taking orders and when I get home, I really hope the phone doesn’t ring, thanks for the giveaway though because I really need a new phone at home.


  24. Karen Knight says

    I don’t like the phone very much except to be able to talk to my Mom. I just hate when it rings, usually for one of my boys or telemarketers.

  25. Kelly D says

    I like to talk on the phone to certain people. I call my mom every day, and my husband and I talk when he is away. Thanks!

  26. Stacey I says

    I’m not a big fan of talking on the phone anymore. But my boyfriend travels for work right now so talking and texting it is! We’ve been talking on the phone quite a bit while he is gone!

  27. michelle says

    I like talking on the phone and my son loves talking to his grandparents and his aunt on the phone

  28. Missy Marie says

    I do have a couple of close friends I call just about daily.I live in SC now after 25 years in Tampa,so I miss my BFF’s.

  29. Christina says

    I can be a phone person… but there are times I don’t want to be on the phone or talking lol. I talk to my best friend and cousin a lot on the phone, both now live out of state.

  30. Zenaida says

    I am not really a phone person, however I enjoy speaking with my daughter and granddaughter on the phone.

  31. margaret (peg)m says

    i do like to talk on the phone…i can look horrendous, but still sound like my normal self. lol

  32. lori w says

    i am a phone person. i always hop on the phone when i get in the car, usually my mom, even if i have nothing to talk about.

  33. april yedinak says

    I don’t really like to talk on the phone, but I do quite often because most of my family lives out of state.

  34. Melissa Avey says

    Yes! Especially since I have moved across the country. It’s great to talk on the phone to family and friends.

  35. Suzanne K says

    I spend most of my day on the phone for work, but really don’t care to spend that much time on the phone outside of that

  36. Carrie Holroyd says

    I’m a big phone talker :) I talk to my husband on his breaks, my best friend though out the day, my dad while he’s gone, my brother who is stationed in Germany. I’d be lost without my phone!

  37. Monique Rizzo says

  38. Stacy O says

    Not too much of a phone person, but I live far away from family, so I am on the phone more than otherwise.

  39. Jenna Parsons says

    I do like to talk on the phone, I love to chat with my twin sis, she lives only 30 minutes away, but she works so much, I never see her so we make sure to talk on the phone every weeking.

  40. Kim Burnett says

    I talk to my sister everyday on the phone. I do like talking on the phone but sometimes I just want some peace and quiet.

  41. says

    Yes,I talk on the phone all the time. My family calls as that is the only way I can keep up with some of them that live out of town.

  42. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says

    Basically the only person I look forward to talking to on the phone is someone I am in a relationship with. Otherwise, I’ll text or wait until we are in person.

  43. Jennifer Shelton says

    I rarely ever talk on the phone. I talk to my mom once a day and the rest of the time I text everyone that I talk to.

  44. Angela Lesher says

    I’ve not seen my mom in over three years, so I use my phone to talk to her at least twice a month! I miss my mommy!

  45. Lisa R says

    i am known to have been on the phone for hours sometime. Latle I find myself using speaker phone. I wouldn’t mind a hands free type of earphones or headseat

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  46. Michelle Stice says

    I am somewhat a phone person my 2 best friends are across the city and in another state and that is who I talk to the most. Oh and my mom who is across the country.

  47. Ruth chu says

    i like to talk on the phone. the person i have to talk to everyday is my mom or i feel like something is missing.

  48. JEN Lawson says

    I do not like to talk on the phone, the same as I dont like to answer the door. There’s no way to prepare for how much or what kind of energy you will need to deal with whoever it is. If I know who it is and I feel like I have the energy I’ll answer, but usually call back on my own time, when I know I wont be drained “)

  49. missyJ says

    I talk on the phone all day at work, so I’m not much of a talker when I get home in the evenings, unless it’s my son & his family, they live in another state & I love to talk to my grandchildren & hear their voices

  50. Alison C says

    I am not a big phone person. I would rather get together over coffee or something else in person and talk.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. says

    To keep my sanity I phone either my mom in Colorado (I live in Illinois) or my best friend (and fellow mommy) and I spend hours on the phone with both

  52. John says

    I’m not much of a phone person. When I do use it, I talk to my wife or parents or I text my boss.

  53. Jeanette Mays says

    I am really not much of a phone person. I talk to my mom on the phone more than anyone else though.

  54. Carolyn N. says

    I don’t care too much for the phone but there are friends and family that I enjoy talking with!
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  55. Courtney says

    The kids love the phone as much as I did when I was young; it’s surprising, with all the other tools they have at their disposal. I think I would have been nuts for Skype and texting in my teens.

  56. Jemima P says

    I haven’t really been a phone person since I was a teenager, but I still manage to need to use it often.

  57. Carol W says

    I like to talk on the phone. I like to talk to any one of my sisters or sisters-in-law on the phone. thanks

  58. krista grandstaff says

    I talk on the phone when someone calls me…lol..other than that, it really never occurs to me to pick it up and call anyone. My kids, however, are on the phone non stop… the older ones have cell phones ( I don’t! ) but the 12 yr old doesn’t have one yet, so she lives on the phone from the moment she gets home from school… :)

  59. Angie B says

    The best part for me is connecting with friends and family on the phone. I have family spread out in several states, and dear friends all over the map, and speaking to them via the phone is more of a personal touch. Texting helps me when I want to share a brief tidbit here & there too! :)

  60. Dawn Sterner says

    I don’t really like to talk on the phone for a long time at once, but I talk to my daughter who lives in another state all the time. :)

  61. Lyn Kelley says

    I really used to be a phone person.. not as much anymore. But I do love to talk to my husband and my parents on the phone!

  62. Tracey McCullough says

    Sometimes I feel gabby and other times I dread the ring of the phone. It all depends on my mood. lol

  63. Tina W says

    I can go days without talking on the phone, but as soon as one of my sisters call, I am tied up for hours. We lose track of time talking to each other.

  64. Mary Somerville says

    I don’t like to talk for very long, but I am on the phone often. I like keeping in the loop with friends and family!

  65. Michelle S. says

    My job is talking on the phone….all day long. Outside of work I avoid it when possible, most people know it’s better to text or email me.

  66. Brenda Penton says

    I am not too fond on talking on the phone. I don’t mind talking to my grandmother though.

  67. Mary Diehl says

    I have my moments when I feel like talking on the phone and then some days it’s like don’t bother me. My sisters and I talk the most

  68. Elizabeth Bailey says

    I am NOT a phone person. I avoid it whenever possible… but it’s part of life, and now that my parents have moved further away I wouldn’t be able to do without.

  69. Deb C says

    Not usually a phone person but I like to talk for hours to certain people. I need a good phone for that.

  70. Maegan Morin says

    I dont mind talking on the phone. There is only one person however that i will talk on the phone with for extended periods of time and thats my friend Ken. He lives 6 hours away and we have been friends for a LONG time. The funny thing is that he talks more than I do.

  71. Heather A says

    I have two or three people I spend hours on the phone with when we do talk, but I find I prefer to e-mail these days.

  72. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    I am not a big phone fan but my mom lives 500 miles away so love to talk to her.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  73. Aimee Fontenot says

    I actually hate to talk on the phone and I only use it at home to talk to my sisters and grandma. Sadly, I work on the phone all day.

  74. Donna says

    I would rather have a conversation on a phone then mail a card. The only problem I have is remembering everything I want to say!

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