$15 for Two Movie Admissions

If you have a high-priced movie theatre near you, then you might be interested in today’s “Save” for $15 for two movie admissions. This is Hollywood Movie Money, that can be redeemed at most movie theatres. The tickets are valued at $13 each, so that should cover your costs for two tickets, at any theatre. If you attend a 3D showing, you will have to pay any additional fees for that.

If you are new to Eversave, sign up here first. New members WERE getting a $2-$3 new member credit, which could be applied to Eversave deals. They won’t work on the Movie Ticket deal, but most other deals they will. I’m not positive if that is still being offered, so if you are new to Eversave, would you mind letting me know if you get a credit?

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