Pinterest Challenge – Vote For My Next Project and Link Up Yours

Just yesterday I announced that I will be doing a weekly Pinterest challenge. Every Thursday you all can come to my page and nominate a project or recipe from Pinterest, that you would like to see me make and blog about. On Fridays I will need all of you to vote from the top 3 that I have chosen. I was going to let you choose from the top 5, but there weren’t a ton of nominations this week. Then I will take the top vote and create it by the following Thursday.

Here are my top 3 choices from this week’s nominations, that I need you to vote on:

1. Reading Corner – with inspiration and photo from

2. Tray from Cabinet Door – with inspiration and photo from

3. Cookie Dough Cake – with inspiration and photo from

Please leave a comment below stating which project you would like to see me make. Then you can use my linky below, to link up one of your most recent projects or recipes. You can leave the link to your Pin on Pinterest, or to your actual blog post with the project. Please make sure you are following me on Pinterest as well!


  1. Katrina Wylie says

    That’s an easy vote for me…the tray. Especially since I suggested it! I want to know how hard it is to do.

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