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Life is so busy and crazy (most of the time, right?) that taking the time to go to the doctor is something I frequently dread. I don’t like the interruption in my day, but I especially get frustrated when I have to sit in a waiting room for hours past my appointment time. With a recent move, and a letter from my doctor’s office telling me they are closing their doors, it’s time to find a new doctor. The timing couldn’t be more perfect because I was just approached to test out the new American Well online doctors. If I can speak with my doctor without having to leave my house, wait forever in a waiting room, or get weighed by a nurse, then I am all for checking that out.

American Well Doctor's Visit

Because I happened to run out of refills on my thyroid medication right as I moved, and my old doc had closed her doors, I was in desperate need of a doctor’s visit. To get established with a new doctor takes more time, and I did not have time. So, I downloaded the American Well app and tried out my first online doctor’s visit. I didn’t even have to make an appointment! These online appointments can be completed via a computer, or the app. Because my computer is still buried under moving boxes I opted for the American Well app, and completed my first online visit with my phone. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, and how affordable it is. American Well is the nation’s largest telehealth company, connecting users with their choice of doctor for immediate, live online visits—day or night, on either mobile or desktop. You can even log on for a middle of the night visit!

American Well Doctor's Visit

Once you input your state, AmWell pulls up a list of physicians who are licensed in your area. Each physician has a little blurb about them, plus their credentials and where they went to school. Select an available doctor, pay the $49 copay and start your video chat. Now, there can be a bit of waiting for your doctor, but the two patients ahead of me went so quickly that it was nothing like a waiting room visit. 

American Well Doctor's Visit

My video didn’t come out quite right, and I couldn’t see me doctor. She could see me though, and that was more important. At first I was a little nervous of the 10 minute countdown once I started talking to my doctor. However, my doctor was so kind and attentive that I had no doubt she’d make sure I was taken care of, whether time ran out or not. Before the appointment starts, patients are to input their phone number so the doctor can call after the appointment, or if the call gets dropped. I didn’t know there was a spot to input pharmacy information on the app, so my doctor did have to call me after our video chat, to get that information. 

For a prescription refill, American Well was seriously a much easier route than tracking down a new doctor and having that dreaded doctor’s office wait. I personally quite enjoyed Dr. Wiita, and would be extremely happy to make my next doctor’s visit with her. That is saying a lot too, because I am quite picky when it comes to doctors. 

Now for the best part! Clever Housewife readers can try American Well too!  Once you find your doctor and begin your appointment, enter code MOMSQUAD instead of credit card information, for a free visit.

Be sure to check out American Well on Facebook and Twitter, so you can see how other users are enjoying the innovation. 


Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by American Well via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of American Well or Momtrends


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